Become a Bucky!

What's a Bucky? More accurately, Who's a Bucky? We hope you are.

The Museum is looking for 120 people to donate $100 each for the mechanical restoration of the 1934 Dymaxion designed by Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller - the only Dymaxion in existence. That's how you "Become a Bucky."

The Dymaxion returned home from England in 2012 after a generous benefactor funded the restoration of the body and interior. Now, it's the Museum's goal to put the Dymaxion in running condition.

What's Your Reward?


Through your donation, you'll make history - you'll be among a valuable group who help resurrect a car once considered one of the most significant and progressive cars ever built in the early 1930s.

When you donate $100, you'll be entered in a drawing for a ride in the Dymaxion when it's operating under its own power. Donate $200, and you'll receive two entries in the drawing, donate $300 - you get the picture. The more you donate (in increments of $100), the more chances to win a once in a lifetime experience.

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