Science Saturdays

Blast Off on Science Saturdays at the National Automobile Museum

with exclusive activities from the

Challenger Learning Center of Northern Nevada

Learn more about September 10, 2016 Science Saturday by clicking here.

Experience the Excitement

·       Simulated journeys throughout the solar system

·       Full-dome planetarium programs

·       Hands-on workshops

·       Live presentations

·       Virtual reality headsets

·       iPad interactive stations


2016 Series of Seven Events

February - December, Second Saturday of the Month

9:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.


$12 per person for Children and Adults

Also includes admission to the Automobile Museum.


Designed for Participants aged 8 through Adults

Participants aged 8 to 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 

One parent per family or group of up to six friends.


Pre-Registration Required

Purchase Your Boarding Passes (tickets) at

Registration Deadline: approx. 2 days before each event


2016 Science Saturday Subjects

February 13 - Piloting Spacecraft with Richard Brong

  • Show: Flight Adventures
  • Workshop: Aerodynamics - Make an airfoil and space plane model
  • Simulation: Flying a Spacecraft

March 12 - Chasing Storms on Mars with Steve Metzger

  • Show: Great Planet Adventures
  • Workshop: Measuring wind speed - Make an anemometer
  • Simulation: Exploring Gale Crater

April 9 - Exploring the Titanic with a "Passenger"

  • Show: Night of the Titanic
  • Workshop: Radio Science - Make a transmitter
  • Simulation: Piloting a sub to the Titanic

May 14 - Exploring Planet Earth with Meghan Collins

  • Show: Habitat Earth
  • Workshop:  Testing the Truckee - Make a water test instrument
  • Simulation: Orbiting the Earth

June 11 - Roving Mars with Wendy Calvin

  • Show: NASA's Journey to Mars
  • Workshop: Discovering Mars Rocks - Make a spectroscope
  • Simulation: Exploring Mars

July 9 - Journeying to the Moon with Dick Simmonds and Tom Taormina

  • Show: Back to the Moon
  • Workshop: Robot Lab - Make and test robot designs
  • Simulation: Exploring the Moon

August 13 - Food in Space with Chef Craig Rodrigue

  • Show: We Choose Space
  • Workshop: Food in space - Make and eat space foods
  • Simulation: Visiting the International Space Station

September 10 - Training Astronauts for Space Missions

  • Show:  Journey to Space in 3D
  • Workshop: Practice exploring space in full-size cockpits
  • Simulation: Use exclusive high tech simulations from Space Center Houston

October 8 - Driving on Mars

  • Show:  NASA's Journey to Mars
  • Workshop:  Use VR and touch screens to plot your course on Mars
  • Simulation:  Drive a human transport rover through Martian terrain

November 12 - Uncovering Secrets of the Sun

  • Show:  Edge of the Solar System
  • Workshop:  Make and experiment with solar scopes
  • Simulation:  Sail the Solar System and skirt the sun

December 10 - Imaging Space Targets

  • Show:  Space Elevator
  • Workshop:  Find and print space objects from robotic telescopes
  • Simulation:  Travel through the galaxy and beyond

September 10 - Training Astronauts for Space Missions:  Click here for more information!