Celebrity Autos

Ongoing Exhibit

The Museum’s amazing collection includes vehicles owned by celebrities and vehicles that are stars in their own right having appeared in feature films.

Museum vehicles that were owned by a celebrity:

  • 1912 “Andy Griffith” Baker Electric Model V Special Extension Coupe
  • 1922 Dodge Brothers “116” W.B. Custom Victoria (built for General MacArthur’s first wife)
  • 1923 “Jack Benny” Maxwell The Good Maxwell Touring 

  • 1928 “Mary Pickford” Ford Model A Sport Coupe

  • 1933 “Al Jolson” Cadillac Series 452C All Weather Phaeton 

  • 1935 “Sammy Davis, Jr.” Duesenberg SSJ Roadster – 1971 Replica 

  • 1941 “Lana Turner” Chrysler Newport Dual Cowl Phaeton
1948 “Elliot Gould” Lincoln Continental 876H56 Cabriolet 

  • 1949 “James Dean” Mercury Series 9CM Six-Passenger Coupe
  • 1953 “John Wayne” Chevrolet Corvette 2934 Convertible

  • 1961 “Frank Sinatra” Ghia L.6.4 Hardtop

  • 1962 “John F. Kennedy” Lincoln Continental 86 Convertible 

  • 1965 “Smothers Brothers” Lotus-Ford 38 Indianapolis Race Car 

  • 1973 “Elvis Presley” Cadillac Eldorado Custom Coupe

Museum vehicles that have appeared in movies:

  • 1892 Philion (Steam) Road Carriage - Appeared in Excuse My Dust with Red Skelton and The Magnificent Amberson’s with Orson Welles. 

  • 1912 Rambler 73-4CC Cross Country – Appeared in the 1997 blockbuster movie, Titanic, winner of 11 Academy Awards. It appeared in the dock scene prior to the ship’s departure from Southampton, England. 

  • 1938 Phantom Corsair Experimental Six-Passenger Coupe - Featured in the 1938
movie, The Young in Heart, starring Paulette Goddard, Janet Gaynor, Billie Burke and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 

  • 1949 Mercury Series 9CM Six-Passenger Coupe – Driven by actor James Dean in the 1955 movie, Rebel Without a Cause.
  • 1960 Flying Caduceus Experimental Streamliner (first turbo jet car to run on Bonneville Salt Flats) - Rolled across the big screen in the 2005 film, The World's Fastest Indian, starring Anthony Hopkins.