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Ongoing Exhibit

Jerome Biederman: Vintage Automobile Art

Entrance Hallway Gallery

Eight paintings are on display by Jerome Biederman (1913-1996), a pioneering artist of inventions in transportation that moved on land, in the air, and above and below water. His prominence grew when 444 of his paintings were featured in McCleery-Cumming calendars from 1958-1993. His automobile paintings were prominently featured in Playboy magazine, Automobile Quarterly and Horseless Carriage Gazette and drew the attention of many collectors, including Bill Harrah.


In addition to the fascinating automobile collection, there is an array of auto-related artifacts and memorabilia.

Items include early automobile advertising signs, including many porcelain examples; car badges and emblems; as well as gas pumps and vintage clothing. The clothing collection features several gowns from the late 1800s and early 1900s, hatpins, hats, jewelry, evening bags and pouches, and accessories.

The Museum is more than cars. It’s an intriguing experience for all ages, designed with the entire family in mind.