Museum closed due to arson fire

National Automobile Museum Arson Fire
Ed Roth Custom Trike after Arson Fire

Update: June 23, 2014

An arrest was made under the suspicion of arson related to the June 20, 2014 fire at the National Automobile Museum and three others fires in the surrounding area.  

It is anticipated that the Museum will be closed until this weekend (June 28/29) due to air quality issues and extensive clean up operations.   

Thank you to the many people who have reached out to us. 
We appreciate everyone's heartfelt concern.  

June 20, 2014

At approximately 3 am, a small fire broke out in the lobby of the National Automobile Museum and, unfortunately, we have been forced to close the facility. The incident caused limited damage to the building as well as the Ed Roth Custom Trike on display near the main entrance. There were no injuries and, though the cause of the fire is unknown, an investigation is underway. Cleanup is ongoing and the museum will reopen as soon as it is completed which we are anticipating to be the middle of next week. Updates will be provided regularly on our website and via Facebook and Twitter. For questions, please call 775-333-9300.