Dear Gabby

Ladies in "Gone with the Wind" dresses


What is going on these days?  The mother-in-law and her friends showed up at the house last weekend for Sunday dinner dressed like a gaggle of dance hall floozies!  They need to get with it and be more modern.  Seriously, what should these gals be wearing in the jazz age?

Signed, Vexed in Verdi, Dec. 1939


Dear V V,

As you know, we are in the very height of art deco fashion these days. I hate to sound all flinty here but it looks like these girls raided their grandmother's travel chest or took the wrong message from seeing "Gone with the Wind" down at the movie house last month. 

If you can get them to cast off their casket liners and go throughly modern, the world will be a better place. Have a look at these flattering fashions from Paris-


Sleek, streamlined and aerodynamic are the order of the day.

Times are tough now and there are world political problems that threaten to darken the horizon, still, there is no excuse for traipsing about wrapped in antebellum window dressing. 

Signed, Gabrielle