Pedal Cars

Flat Tire Jack on his third birthday with his shiny new pedal car.

In celebration of our new exhibit, "Pedal Cars - Kids Classic Rides",  our guest blogger Flat Tire Jack has shared a bit from when he was just a little wheel.

Recently heard in the check-out line at the local ice cream store.

“My first Packard was a 1937 Series 120 sedan. A bit rough when we located it but it runs fine now…”
Another joined in, “We just returned from a weekend of autocrossing. I finally got on the podium, a first.”
A listener contributed, “It took us a lot of hard work, Pop’s old pick-up truck is all shined up and on the road again. He would be proud to see the grandkids riding in it.”

Where did all this nostalgia come from? The roots can be traced back to their first experiences - their pedal cars. 

For many of us, this was the earliest taste of mobility, big mobility… none of those trike or scooter limitations but a true sense of pace and style.

Something to be proud of, forever.

Have a seat, take the controls to hand, hit the pedals and accelerate for all that you are worth. Lean into the corner, stab the horn bulb to announce your arrival then power through the turn. Cats and dogs beware! End of the driveway, closed gate, no problem. Lock up the pedals and slide to a stop. What a thrill! Turn around and repeat while looking for a personal best lap time in your shiny new pedal car.

Jack was there. In many ways, still is.

Visit us today and enjoy the delightful display of pedal cars in our Changing Exhibit Gallery.