The Abernathy Boys

Abernathy Boys
Abernathy Boys in the Brush Runabout
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Part 3 of a three part installment by guest blogger, Flat Tire Jack:

The Abernathy Boys were exceptional. These two lads, 6 and 9, were quite an act. They became the definition of “free range kids” living out in Tillman County, Oklahoma in 1909 with their dad, Jack “Catch ‘em Alive” Tillman. Jack was no slouch either having made a living capturing wolves live by cornering the animals and shoving his bare fist down their throats to subdue them. Enter one Teddy Roosevelt who thought all this was “bully good” and traveled to Tillman County to team up with Jack for a bit of sport.

The boys, Louis and Temple (Bud and Temp to friends), later returned the favor by traveling alone on horseback to New York City to visit Teddy. In New York they picked up their very own Brush runabout and made the return trip home. Over 2,200 miles cross country in 1910. What more could you ask of a car?

The rest is history, as it is said. Roads improved, if only by having fewer horseshoe nails littering the path. Car design improved and production techniques advanced cost controls. A fellow who crossed A.P. Brush’s path was one Henry Ford. He would have a thing or two to say about cost control and volume production. His goal was the same as Alanson Brush’s – the $500 car. Return to Gallery 1 and take a look at the red early Ford and the red Cadillac across from it. That is where this story takes us, next time.