World War II Hits Home Exhibit

World War II Hits Home features vehicles from the Tony Harrah Military Museum and the story of WW II on the home front of our country and in Nevada. 

America’s auto makers focused their massive resources on Victory producing ammunition, tanks, aircraft and much more, as well as secret projects like the Liberator pistol. Discover the commitments of ordinary families, tales of wartime romance, impacts on daily life, and the history of the Tonopah Army Air Field in Nevada.  Collectibles and artifacts from private collections enrich the story beyond textbook accounts.  See trench art crafted from shell casings, the souvenirs of war slipped back into the country, and treasured medals and mementos. It was a time when the “greatest generation” embraced our country with loyalty, purpose and humbleness and shaped the course of history.

Masterpiece exhibit

Thursday, November 7, 2013 to Friday, October 10, 2014