Trick or Treat in the Streets of the Museum

There is a full moon tonight, the leaves are blowing about and the night is chilly. This is just the perfect setting for little ghouls and goblins to hit the bricks and scare the dickens out of everyone.   The black and orange Halloween seasonal theme is carried out at the National Automobile Museum with the cars getting into the act.

I met two of the characters in Gallery 2 and Gallery 3 just the other day.

Representing the Orange team was the 1937 Airmobile.















Its bright pumpkin livery was festive and cheerful.  Just look at that happy face and those tail fins!



Why it can be just one character, it’s Nemo from the Disney movie of the same name!  Seems the little fish is very well represented by the Airmobile. 


On the dark and sinister side there was the Phantom Corsair.


What would you expect with a name like Phantom? Actually, the Phantom has been out of character more than once. Ever see the motion picture “The Flying Wombat”? One guess who was the Wombat?

On closer inspection, the Phantom would be a good dobbelganger for a horseshoe crab, honest.


See the resemblance?











What is the Phantom’s real wish? It wants to be a Batmobile for Halloween. Not just any Batmobile but one of the earliest creations of the cartoonists who created the masked hero from Gotham city.

A little polish and some imagination and I think the Phantom could pull it off.

Stop by Halloween night with your little ghouls and gobblins and see if the transformations work for you too.  

Flat Tire Jack

Editorial note: Our Trick or Treats in the Streets of the Automobile Museum event is from 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm on Thursday, October 31.  Admission is only $2.