Dear Gabby

In answer to requests to highlight some of our non-piston-powered treasures, we are pleased to introduce our newest blog addition "Dear Gabby".  These occasional segments will follow in the footsteps of other fine advice columns... set in the early 1900s.

Dear Gabby

I am new to your town, right off the prairie schooner you might say. I still don't know a jockey box from a wagon bow so I don't want to put a foot wrong entering city society. I was wondering if you would help me with the latest fashions? What is in vogue out here, I haven't a clue?

signed, Turnip Wagon Tripper, July 1910

Dear TWT

My recommendation for a Reno evening starter outfit would be this lovely burgundy Renaissance style evening gown of velveteen and silk satin with passementerie openwork banding around the V-neck arm holes, short peplum, which comes to a V at the front, along the side and bottom of the velveteen skirt front. It has leg-o-mutton satin sleeves and side skirt insets, appliquéd with all-over velveteen lattice work and faceted red and gold bead detail.   


This beautiful gown can be seen at the National Automoble Museum.